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One of our dearest clients, NABS, continues to lead the way and demonstrate its profound impact on the Media and Advertising industry with its extremely successful WellFest this month.

Founded in 1913, the charity has been a pioneering force, shining a light on the need for tailored welfare support for those working in the industry for over a century. NABS recognises that whilst the industry is exciting and glamourous, it presents all sorts of challenges that can only be understood by fellow professionals.

WellFest is the only wellbeing event designed specifically for the industry, offering practical tools and advice from experts with real-world experience, empowering media professionals to change their workplace for the better.

Key speakers included Will Young, Claire Sanderson, Gian Power, and Katy Lesson, all of whom spoke frankly about their own journeys to success (not glossing over the failures!) within the industry. You can catch key moments from the conference on NABS’ website https://nabs.org.uk/wellfest-2019/.

As the capital’s leading media recruitment agency, we have an instinctive alliance with NABS and its ethos – our beloved industry is only as good and strong as the people who work within it. We at Pulse are powered by our people, and know that our success depends on them.

We couldn’t be prouder to be one of NABS’ preferred suppliers, and the first port of call for administrative support for the whole of the media and advertising industry throughout London.

We’re dedicated in our mission to bolster this industry with the best candidates, matching the best people to the opportunities that will see them flourish. We all rise when we lift each other up.

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