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Top 10 Tips For Working From Home

As we embrace working from home as the safest option in these troubled times, here are some guidelines to staying useful and on top of your workload.

1. Routine

Get up at the time you would for work normally, get showered and get ready for the day. Don't use WFH as an excuse to lounge in bed till 10.00am. Routine is key. Stick to it.

2. Home Office

Set up an area which is "The Office". A nice candle a comfy chair, a nice lamp. A clean productive space. Working while sat on the sofa does not work. Your posture will be slumped and let's face it, if you are on the sofa you are usually watching TV!

3. Team Work

If you are a flat sharer treat them as a colleague; brainstorm, share advice, keep each other motivated.

4. Ambience

Put music on not TV, create a real office environment.

5. Limit Social Media

Social is buzzing right now and it's tempting to get lost in the vortex. Don't let this become a distraction. Be aware, not consumed.

6. Lists

A TO DO list has never been so important. Being away from a team means you need to be more organised than ever.

7. You are not Mrs Hinch

Do not tidy the house/flat three times a day, you wouldn't normally so don't now.

8. Motivation

Set goals and targets for yourself each day and question why these have not been met.

9. Communication

Keep yourself in touch and updated and update others with what you are doing.

10. Self Care

Proving yourself is good but caring for yourself is equally important. Shut the laptop at reasonable times, take breaks to stay fresh.

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