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Sunnier times ahead...!

Written by Pulse Search Tuesday, 30 April 2024 14:58

As we emerge from a long and wet winter into a (hopefully) sunny May, we wanted to say a warm hello to all those we work with to find jobs and find talent.

We know the job market is very competitive and for some very challenging. But the clients we serve and the talent we provide remain optimistic, backed not just by better weather but by promising economic signs.

Over our 23 years, Pulse has seen plenty of changes in the media landscape. We have supported big agency groups, privately-owned businesses and nurtured many start-ups - some traditional and others harnessing the power of AI and other exciting technologies.

But some things have remained constant, like the need to ensure we place the best people in the roles we are asked to fill. This means not just fully understanding what skills our clients need but exactly how our candidates can deliver our clients’ expectations.

Properly run, a recruitment consultancy should save time and money and our clients tell us it does. That’s why they come back time and again. We understand that budgets are tight for everyone, but we have found that many of our clients return to us after being unable to fill their roles directly.

We’re proud of what we have achieved and proud of our brand and we are thankful to all those we do business with.

Thank you.


Top 10 Tips For Working From Home

Written by Pulse Search Tuesday, 17 March 2020 15:16

As we embrace working from home as the safest option in these troubled times, here are some guidelines to staying useful and on top of your workload.

1. Routine

Get up at the time you would for work normally, get showered and get ready for the day. Don't use WFH as an excuse to lounge in bed till 10.00am. Routine is key. Stick to it.

2. Home Office

Set up an area which is "The Office". A nice candle a comfy chair, a nice lamp. A clean productive space. Working while sat on the sofa does not work. Your posture will be slumped and let's face it, if you are on the sofa you are usually watching TV!

3. Team Work

If you are a flat sharer treat them as a colleague; brainstorm, share advice, keep each other motivated.

4. Ambience

Put music on not TV, create a real office environment.

5. Limit Social Media

Social is buzzing right now and it's tempting to get lost in the vortex. Don't let this become a distraction. Be aware, not consumed.

6. Lists

A TO DO list has never been so important. Being away from a team means you need to be more organised than ever.

7. You are not Mrs Hinch

Do not tidy the house/flat three times a day, you wouldn't normally so don't now.

8. Motivation

Set goals and targets for yourself each day and question why these have not been met.

9. Communication

Keep yourself in touch and updated and update others with what you are doing.

10. Self Care

Proving yourself is good but caring for yourself is equally important. Shut the laptop at reasonable times, take breaks to stay fresh.

MEGXIT: An example for us all?

Written by Pulse Search Thursday, 23 January 2020 12:41

Do you feel underappreciated in the workplace? Are your skills being wasted and your potential ignored?

If there’s a positive message to take from the Megxit saga, it’s that bullying in the workplace should never be suffered in silence and if your dreams lead you elsewhere, follow them.

It has been reported that although Brits spend more time at work, the UK has one of the lowest productivity levels. Studies also reveal that only 45% of Brits feel they have a good work-life balance.

While mental health, wellbeing and creating a better work life continues to be at the forefront of both employees and employers’ minds when it comes to seeking jobs and employee retention, millions remain unhappy as a result of their career.

Now, you might not have to go all the way to Canada to start your new success story – come to Pulse instead! We might just be the answer to all your career prayers and help you forge your own exit…and exciting new beginning.

The Pulse Team


New recruits for Pulse in 2020...

Written by Pulse Search Thursday, 16 January 2020 12:37

A huge Happy New Year from the Pulse team!

Busier than ever, we’re starting the new decade with expansion plans… and you might be just what we’re looking for...

We are currently recruiting for two brilliant new roles – Junior Consultant and Temps Coordinator.

Each role will play an integral part to the sparkling success of our beloved boutique recruitment agency, working with London’s top Media, Fashion and Luxury Goods companies.

The new Junior Consultant will work with the team sourcing and placing the best candidates in administrative/secretarial and HR/talent positions, while the Temps Coordinator will be responsible for the ever-growing temp-side of our business.

If you think you have what it takes and want to be part of our industry-leading team (and family!), send through your CV to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Bring on 2020!


Written by Pulse Search Tuesday, 26 November 2019 15:18

One of our dearest clients, NABS, continues to lead the way and demonstrate its profound impact on the Media and Advertising industry with its extremely successful WellFest this month.

Founded in 1913, the charity has been a pioneering force, shining a light on the need for tailored welfare support for those working in the industry for over a century. NABS recognises that whilst the industry is exciting and glamourous, it presents all sorts of challenges that can only be understood by fellow professionals.

WellFest is the only wellbeing event designed specifically for the industry, offering practical tools and advice from experts with real-world experience, empowering media professionals to change their workplace for the better.

Key speakers included Will Young, Claire Sanderson, Gian Power, and Katy Lesson, all of whom spoke frankly about their own journeys to success (not glossing over the failures!) within the industry. You can catch key moments from the conference on NABS’ website https://nabs.org.uk/wellfest-2019/.

As the capital’s leading media recruitment agency, we have an instinctive alliance with NABS and its ethos – our beloved industry is only as good and strong as the people who work within it. We at Pulse are powered by our people, and know that our success depends on them.

We couldn’t be prouder to be one of NABS’ preferred suppliers, and the first port of call for administrative support for the whole of the media and advertising industry throughout London.

We’re dedicated in our mission to bolster this industry with the best candidates, matching the best people to the opportunities that will see them flourish. We all rise when we lift each other up.


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